hashtagJAZZ Shorts by Kevin Gruetzner -
05.04.2024 & 12.04.2024

hashtagJAZZ Shorts night 05.04.2024 - 20:00

open doors - 19:00 - concert start 20:00

supported by JazzDanmark and Berthold Records

Cort Lunde (DK) - 05.04.2024 - 20:00

Villa Sponte Bremen - Osterdeich 59B, 28203 Bremen

Cort Lunde strives to work outside the usual musical framework, combining electronic music, contemporary improvisational music, arrangements for classical orchestra, and field recordings from nature. This process is the result of collaboration between Erik Lunde and Thomas Cortes, each bringing their skills and ambitions into a project that transcends genres and creates a unique musical and artistic product with broad appeal.

Physically, Cort Lunde also moves outside the usual musical framework, as they aim to perform their works in unconventional locations. Cort Lunde explores the cultural and technological fusion of humans with nature, inspired in part by the ideas of Donna Haraway and Musique Concrete, incorporating digital manipulations of field recordings and hydrophone recordings.

Their debut album was crowned Album of the Week on P8JAZZ. Experience a fascinating fusion of music and nature!

Line-up :

Erik Lunde Michaelsen : trumpet

Thomas Cortes Thorup: bass

Doppler Trio (NL/DE) - 05.04.2024 - 21:00

Villa Sponte Bremen - Osterdeich 59B, 28203 Bremen

The members of the Doppler Trio are masters at telling musical stories to their audience. This is evident from the title of their new album.

ARCHEAN ("Archean Eon") refers, on the one hand, to the geological eon of the same name, which began around 2.5 billion years ago, during which the Earth formed its crust. On the other hand, it alludes to the tension arc that many pieces of the ensemble build.

"The album and compositions trace the developmental stages of the Earth. It all started with a fireball, from which water formed first, later land emerged, on which life developed," explains Daniël van der Duim. The Dutchman plays piano and synthesizer and is the mastermind behind most of the compositions. He is accompanied by his compatriot Floris-Jan van den Berg (double bass and vocals) and the German Hendrik Eichler (drums and tablas).

ARCHEAN is a consistent continuation of the first album NEBULA. It revolved around planetary nebulae - from which stars and ultimately the entire universe emerged.

Line-up :

Daniel van der Duim : piano

Hendrik Eichler: drums

Floris-Jan van den Berg : bass

Berthold Records Jazzahead Clubnight 12.04.2024 - 20:00

open doors - 19:00 - concert start 20:00

supported by Berthold Record and Jazzahead 

KEMACA (DK) -12.04.2024 - 20:00

Villa Sponte Bremen - Osterdeich 59B, 28203 Bremen

Why not kick off the evening with some stunning futuristic rock-jazz-drum-n-bass from Denmark? Kemaca combines electro, heavy beats, free improvisation, and a plethora of other influences, all melded together in a unique, thrilling, and uplifting fusion. Together, they explore complex polyrhythms and shifting time signatures, crafting a highly original fusion sound that stands apart from almost anything else in the genre, captivating the audience's minds.

The band will introduce a handful of their favorite musicians plus surprise guests!

Line-up :

Kenneth Dahl Knudsen: bass

Matias Fischer: drums

Chearin Im: piano

Linda Josefowski: flute

Toms Rudzinskis: saxophon

GANNA (DE) - 12.04.2024 - 21:30

Villa Sponte Bremen - Osterdeich 59B, 28203 Bremen

For native Ukrainian Ganna Gryniva, old folk songs of her homeland are a matter of the heart. Her powerful voice and brilliant jazz arrangements give these folk songs a new direction, both moving and inspiring.

There's a mood and a voice that captivates instantly. A gentle push forward of tones. A - still - quiet celebration of the moment. A blossoming. It's the voice of singer Ganna Gryniva. For the native Ukrainian, old folk songs of her homeland are a matter of the heart – and a true musical treasure trove. Ganna is one of the most impressive singers in the German jazz and world music scene.

Line-up :

Ganna Gryniva: vocals

Povel Widerstrand: piano

Uli Kempendorff: saxophon

Tom Berkmann: bass

Mathias Ruppnig: drums

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