by Kevin Gruetzner

Festival & Photo Exhibition

08.04.2023 - 30.04.2023

Villa Sponte Bremen

Opening Night
08.04.2023 - 20:00

supported by Berthold Records and Waldemar Koch Stiftung

Markus Becker (DE) - 08.04.2023 - 20:00

Villa Sponte Bremen - Osterdeich 59B, 28203 Bremen

Alleingang ( Going it Alone ), Markus Becker’s second solo album is released by BERTHOLD records on October 29th 2021. In his own inimitable style, the renowned concert pianist has created a jazz and classical music mosaic. In his first solo album Freistil (Free Style) he developed structures out of largely spontaneous improvisations. “In Alleingang ,” explains Becker “ I most often thought out structures and themes first , and then created the music live in the Sendesaal, Radio Bremen’s concert hall, where as always they did such a great job. That suits my own ‘ Alleinstellungsmerkmal ’ which is a lovely German word for ‘unique selling point’.”

Line-up : Markus Becker - Piano

JazzDanmark Night 14.04.2023 - 20:00

supported by JazzDanmark and Augustinus Fonden

Tigeroak (DK) - 14.04.2023 - 20:00

Villa Sponte Bremen - Osterdeich 59B, 28203 Bremen

Already nominated as “most innovative concert experience of the year” and selected for Jazz Denmark’s National Jazz Competitionin, in their homeland of Denmark, hotly-tipped Neo-soul group ‘Tigeroak’ present their debut album ‘Living and Living’ (Feb 24th on April Records). Led by the duo of Laurits Steen Møberg, an electronic musician, producer, and guitarist, and Anna Prinds, a vocalist and lyrical composer, the music is inspired by underground jazz, hip-hop and neo-soul.
Combined with their Nordic roots, the music is crafted with a nuanced palette of sounds and bridges the gap between accessible songs and an experimental jazz spirit. Propulsive grooves, melodic choruses and figurative lyrics grab the attention, but dig a little deeper, and you’ll hear intricate rhythms, complex lines and ear-catching effects.
Recorded at Abbey Road, Living and Angel Studios, ‘ Living and Living’ features exceptional modern production which combines warm, jazz musicianship with immersive electronic and atmospheric textures. Thick vocal harmonies, intimate recordings of acoustic instruments, and hard-hitting drum beats effortlessly come together to form a dynamic and immersive sound world.

Line-up :

Anna Prinds - vocals

Laurits Steen Møberg - guitar, bass, drum programming, synths and sound design

Morten Schantz Trio (DK) - 14.04.2023 - 20:00

Villa Sponte Bremen - Osterdeich 59B, 28203 Bremen

The new release of Danish pianist and composer, Morten Schantz (b. 1980), is an exploratory voyage of striking beauty and powerful dramaturgi provided by an inspired leader and a trio at its playing peak. This third album the Schantz trio, continues in the vein of the adventurous and critically acclaimed 2014 release, “Unicorn”, again augmenting the trio format with percussion throughout most of the tracks as well as adding horns and the Ondes Martenot on a few selections. Songs like “Pokhara”, “Apia”, “Hidden Island”, and the opener “Mountaineer” are all great examples of Schantz’ ability to compose mini suites in a highly personal way where the music floats like a river through grandiose landscapes. The title track “Passenger” is perhaps the greatest example of the uniqueness of Schantz’ writing with his trademark use of simplistic pop elements integrated with intricate polyrhythmic passages and rising crescendos contrasting with a very minimalistic outro reminiscing of something very suitable for a movie ending. With this exciting new release, the trio offers up a free passenger seat where the listener can embark on a 45-minute inner adventure.

Line-up :

Morten Schantz - piano

Kaspar Vandsholt - double bass

Janus Templeton - drums

Danish weekend 14.04.2023 - 16.04.2023

supported by Jazz9Tus, JazzDanmark and Augustinus Fonden

Eyal Lovett Trio (IL/DK) - 15.04.2023 - 20:00

Villa Sponte Bremen - Osterdeich 59B, 28203 Bremen

Israeli born Eyal Lovett is one of the most prominent jazz pianists and band leaders currently active in Europe. Eyal was chosen to be the 2017 “Artist of the year” by Jazzy Berlin. In June 2018 Eyal Lovett Trio won 1st place at the international competition JazzWings in Warsaw. In 2022 Eyal graduated from the prestigious Soloist program in the Royal Academy of Music, Aalborg. Eyal's 4th album "Through the Rain" was released Feb 2022 by BERTHOLD Records.

Eyal's music is focused on storytelling, deep and thoughtful compositions, and mesmerising performance and execution. Influenced by the likes of Bill Evans and Brad Mehldau as well as Avishai Cohen, Shai Maestro and Gilad Hekselman, Eyal's music has a "classical" architecture and development, rhythmical complexity, and Mediterranean compelling melodies.

Line-up :

Eyal Lovett - piano

Torben Bjørnskov - double bass

Aidan Lowe - drums

Kemaca Kinetic (DK) - 16.04.2023 - 20:00

Villa Sponte Bremen - Osterdeich 59B, 28203 Bremen

Meet the rhythm-defying power trio Kemaca Kinetic for an electrifying and powerful show! This uncompromising Danish trio oers a unique repertoire between jazz and groove, with hypnotic rhythms and bewitching melodies.
Kemaca Kinetic consists of the two young prodigies of the Danish jazz scene: hip hop drum machine Matias Fischer and guitar phenomenon Casper Hejlesen, working with established composer and bassist Kenneth Dahl Knudsen. First appearing in public at a virtual concert at Blue Note Beijing in April 2021, Kemaca Kinetic has since released three singles and has played over 20 concerts in Denmark, Lithuania, Germany and France.
Futuristic rock-jazz-drum-n-bass with roots in ancient music traditions!
Kemaca Kinetic looks to ancient folk music and modern math, searching within these untapped glaciers of knowledge to find a path to developing the language of music. But one thing is research and theory of musical DNA - another is to make the Music Mammoth come alive, roaring and wild.
This is the experiment you can witness at a Kemaca Kinetic concert! And thus they need only a last component before they venture forth - YOU, the listener! Will you join KEMACA KINETIC as they explore the frontiers of rhythm?

Line-up :

Kenneth Dahl Knudsen - bass

Caspar Hejlesen - guitar

Matias Fischer - drums 

Jazzahead Berthold Records Clubnight 28.04.2023

supported by Berthold Records, Jazzahead, Radio bremen zwei

São Paulo Panic (BRA/GER/IL/DK) - 28.04.2023 - 20:00

Villa Sponte Bremen - Osterdeich 59B, 28203 Bremen

The experimental idea behind São Paulo Panic was seeded at jazzahead! 2019. Six internationally successful and amazingly talented artists present an exciting blend of musical styles, finding a collective voice. The musicians admit to a bout of panic when they first met up in the São Paulo studio, hence the album title. The starting point: a disparate collection of musical styles and backgrounds. Dani Gurgel: „So if I had to decribe this band in one sentence I would say it sounds like none of us. Because it sounds like all of us.” A brilliant mix of Brazilian jazz fusion and European jazz.

Line-up :


OZMA (FRA) - 28.04.2023 - 21:30

Villa Sponte Bremen - Osterdeich 59B, 28203 Bremen

One foot in the liberty of jazz, the other in electro trance, both hands covered in greasy rock, OZMA is an energetic quintet lead by French drummer Stéphane Scharlé. The band has shared an adventurous and yet accessible music through 7 albums, multiple creations and more than 300 concerts on 4 continents. For this evening, Scharlé has invited Belgian trombonist Nabou Claerhout, Danish guitarist Teis Semey and numerous other international guests to join the regular OZMA members Édouard Séro-Guillaume and Julien Soro.

Line-up :

Nabou Claerhout - tb

Julien Soro - sax

Teis Semey - guitar

Édouard Séro-Guillaume - bass

Stéphane Scharlé - drums

Daniel Migliosi - tpt

Hugo Diaz - sax

Maxime Bender - sax

about me and hashtagJAZZ

iam a german photoartist focused on portraits and documentary photos of musicians, actors, comedians and sports.

after my photo project "Jazzfaces" with 100 jazzmusicians like iiro rantala, joshua redman, ibrahim maalouf, till brönner, julia kadel, pablo held and more, is hashtagJAZZ my first solo exhibition.


hashtagJAZZ is a photo-project which started in 2019 and was part of jazzahead 2022. the project developed to an exhibition in combination with my own jazz festival in 2023. the first edition of the festival is focused on danish jazz.


April 08 - 30 2023


Villa Sponte zeitkultur e.V.
Osterdeich 59 B
28203 Bremen, Germany

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